These are a Few of My Favorite Things! – A UX Project

For the past 28 weeks and for the next 24, I am taking a record of my favorite things. Growing up, I used to steal my mom's issues of Martha Stewart to read the "Good Things" section. I always loved to see the interesting food, utensils, decorations, places and more my creative idol was into at the moment. It always made me question, "what are my good things?" and think, "I need to keep a list like Martha!" 

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Through the years, I did start to keep a my head. Looking for a new UX passion project, I thought it was finally time to share my internal list with the world. I am curious to understand the nature of preferences, if they are acquired organically or if they are dictated by the constraints of the individual's environment, or both. I am curious to see the fluctuation in data throughout the year, does the ratio of different kinds of favorites vary? Do I tend to be more into food in the summer? Do I tend to listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the beginning of the month? Are there connections to be made between favorites or do they operate independently? 

At the end of this year long study, I want to build out an interactive site and some sort of printed piece. My goal for this project is to combine my love of research and thoughtful design into simple, beautiful interactive pieces and gain a better understanding of what I value most in life. The second phase of this project will be to expand this project to a wider scope of people, ask them to follow the same process. How will their results vary from mine and what does that say about them as a person? I am excited to see!