Seven Minutes in Heaven – 2017 New Year's Resolution

Last year was the first year I had ever successfully carried through a New Year's resolution. It started out as a joke, but in the end it was extremely rewarding...I simply pledged to floss my teeth every night. HAHA. In my mind, I set the bar low. A quick daily task to add to my routine, with minimal effort and surprising exponential positive effects! I had the quickest and happiest dental check-up of my life (for the first time ever they did not tell me I needed to floss! LOL WUT), saw improvements in oral health, and my mouth cleaner than ever. YAS QUEEN.

So this year I am looking forward to setting the bar low again. Since I work in the digital space and spend the majority of my day looking at screens, I want to make the commitment to spending a minimum of seven minutes a day engaged in an analog creative/learning action. That could be reading a book, drawing or working on a craft, learning sign language, etc. Why seven minutes? Someone once told me when driving, 7mph is the perfect number to drive over the speed limit. It is going fast enough to get ahead of traffic, but not too fast to get pulled over. I figure the same rule applies for resolutions. Seven minutes is just enough to do a little something, but not too much where I would quit this resolution after a week. 

To hold myself accountable, I will post daily on my Instagram showing my seven minutes. I think I'll call the resolution, Seven Minutes in Heaven. ;)