STA 468 Interactive Web Design: Project 1 - First Draft Narrative Summary, Abstract First Attempt, & Beginning Wireframes

For this portion of the assignment, we have been tasked to begin to flush out a narrative summary or storyboard an encounter with our UX tool as it might appear in a commercial or informational video. This helps to figure out what parts of the interface need to be designed to show the functionality of the tool. Also, for entry into UURAF, each student must have an abstract summing up their research project, so there is a couple of my first attempts coming from a couple different angles. Finally, we have been asked to begin wireframing.

Narrative Summary: Ellie 

-Ellie gets invited to attend a philanthropy event at Impression 5 put on by her AIGA chapter to raise money for their trip to Chicago
-Goes to museum, gets glass at admission counter, pays - donates to the cause
-Directed to tablet/computer to sign in
-Scan RFID chip on back/bottom of cup - brings up tracking number - prompts driver's license scan
-Once ID is scanned - if over 21, cup is coded for alcoholic beverage consumption or non - alcoholic beverage consumption if guest chooses not to consume alcohol
-If under 21 or guest does not have ID, cup is coded for non-alcoholic beverages only, drink machines will not allow dispensing of alcohol, and drink list will not show options of those drink options either
-Screen prompts to fill in basic info with brief explanation of why each piece of information is needed - name, age, height, name of event, contact information. Screen pops up telling Ellie to keep her cup after the event to view her performance at the end of the night, reminded to follow microsite on back of cup once event is over to see results.
-Ellie proceeds into museum and meets up with group
-Proceeds to Bartendro to get first drink
-Place drink down, scanner scans RFID chip. Ellie chooses drink from drink list and makes it - cup/data tracking on Bartendro work together to record her drink preference, the time, what number drink she is on, etc.
-Ellie goes to first station - Typing and Reaction times - must scan glass to activate exhibit to engage. Goes through activity, outcome is recorded to the cup and saved
-Goes to other exhibits - Balance, Throwing Things, etc. Cup acts as activator, data tracker
-Ellie gets more drinks - repeats data record process
-Ellie goes back to Bartendro to find out she has run out of drinks. Screen prompts her to buy more drinks a la carte or switch to water. Ellie decides she wants another drink, so she swipes credit card on the Square credit card reader attached to the iPad to pay Bartendro.
-Evening ends and Ellie goes home. Ellie goes to microsite to see her performance. Microsite creates her infographic based on her results and can now print her infographic results or post to social media etc. 
-Screen then prompts a reminder for Ellie to save her cup because it can be used again! Bring back to the museum for more events or keep for personal use. Handwash only.  


Abstract First Attempt

Are you tired of being told drinking is going to kill you? Are you sick of alcohol education programs? You know anything is safe in moderation, but what are those adults really so scared of? Well now is your chance to get some cold, hard facts. Impression 5 wants to offer college age students a unique opportunity to learn about the science of alcohol. Test your skills in a controlled environment, see how drinking really effects your body and what could really happen to you. This project is an exploration of guest interaction with a tool or campaign to engage users before and after they visited the museum. My proposal? SmartGlass. SmartGlass is an RFID-chip enabled, shatterproof, reusable drinkware that goes far beyond holding a brew or other mixed drink. SmartGlass is a multi-purpose tool for data collection on the back end, but serve as the sole engagement tool on the user end. Guests will interact with exhibits and activities through the use of SmartGlass as the key/start point, while also safely enjoying alcoholic beverages in a controlled environment.

Impression 5 identified an critical target market they were having trouble engaging, college students. They also mentioned they struggle to engage with the university because of proximity and funding. Push most of their finances toward their largest population of their guest base — children ages 4-12. This presented the perfect opportunity to come up with an engagement tool working within the constraints of sticking to their motto of “play. create. challenge.”, engage a college/adult guest population, minimize cost and create a sustainable program promoting accessible scientific education.