Spearhead Digital Transformation Project: UltraTax CS and Checkpoint Discover pages

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Project Type: UX Design and Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Responsive Web Design

Client: Thomson Reuters

Software: Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

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The Spearhead Digital Transformation Project was high-profile initiative in the company pulling together the best and brightest from each department for one year to jump-start the company’s digital initiatives, specifically the customer purchase, onboarding and renewal experience. Within this large project, there were several smaller initiatives tackled over the course of three 16-22 week waves. The UltraTax CS and Checkpoint discover marketing pages were one of those initiatives.

THE Spearhead TEAM

Digital Spearhead was an umbrella term used at Thomson Reuters to refer to all of the digital transformation projects taking place around the business as a whole. More specifically, I was a part of the TRTA Tax Professionals Digital Spearhead Core team and later joined the TRTA Tax Professionals Digital Spearhead Operate team. Our group was a global team spread over six offices in addition to our partnership with the McKinsey & Company consulting firm who joined us for the first two waves of the project. The roles of members on the team included: A Journey Lead, two Product Owners, two scrum masters, a Navigator, a Tech Lead with teams of both Front-end and Back-end Developers, a Content team with two writers of different customer segment specialties, a marketing team that included content strategists, marketing managers, developers, data analysts, writers, a video production, a dedicated Sales SME , a dedicated Customer Support SME, and a UX team (there were four of us in total), in addition to our McKinsey counterparts and stakeholders.


The target users for TRTA Tax Professionals were tax and accounting professionals within the small-medium firm size range. Typical roles of our users could be firm owners, CPAs, or office managers. The firms in this segment include sole proprietors and firms up to fifteen employees.

Proprietary information has been redacted

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MY Role: Design and Research

I was the Lead UXer responsible for the research, design and implementation of the UltraTax CS and Checkpoint pages. I was the point person collaborating with content writers, the marketing team, doing QA with developers, testing the site in our demo environment before going to production, I reported user testing results and research to C-suite leadership every two weeks, and later took over site maintenance when both pages went live. Additionally, I was expected to scope, write and create acceptance criteria for my design and research stories in our Agile project management software and attend all Agile trainings, ceremonies, and demos.

Preparing research findings from Synergy 2018 to share with stakeholders and core team

Preparing research findings from Synergy 2018 to share with stakeholders and core team

Process Work

Below you will see examples of my iterative design process and research report excerpts that lead to the final deliverables. My favorite methods of design are whiteboarding, sketching and trying out as many options as I can possibly explore in either Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure or Photoshop depending on the intended output. Many of the process photos are the outcome of pair design sessions or brainstorming with other members of the Spearhead team. We were in constant communication throughout the day, regardless of location.

Deliverables: Checkpoint Demo and live links